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Their Lady Gloriana

Thomas Lancaster is a widower who has recently received Middlemound Castle from King Edward for services rendered during the Crusades. He is a widower with a young son and, having lost his first wife to childbirth, he is unwilling to consider that path again.

Lady Gloriana Stewart was badly abused during her first marriage. She isn't looking forward to re-marrying, but she has people to protect and disobeying the king is not an option. Her wish is to have a little bit of happiness and she sees one way to gain that is by having a baby.

Complicating matters is Rowan Montgomery - a man who is her new husband's second in command, his friend.....and his lover. Matters get tangled between the threesome, but will they work out?

Their Lady Gloriana was an...interesting read overall.

The development of the relationship between Gloriana Stewart, Thomas Lancaster, and Sir Rowan Atkinson was well developed. How the characters interacted, the give and take, their history (old and new) kept me reading.

Having said that, I did have a couple issues with the story. I would have liked to see more of a historical backdrop to the story. Considering the time frame (13th Century England) and considering the type of relationship involved, what I would have liked to see is more of the general attitude (pro and con) towards this relationship for the time.

Considering the effort that went towards Thomas's reclaiming his son, I would have also liked to see more of the son make an appearance in the storyline. My feeling is that, it was more of a "fought, got, done deal" kind of scenario that left me a bit deflated - especially since the character is expending a lot of effort to actually be able to have his son back in his life.

Good way to pass the time, but not entirely sure the book will stay on my keeper shelves.

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Holly's Big Bad Santa

Jared Danville is returning to Danville, KS after being gone for 15 years. Holly Jacobs, Jared's old flame, is planning on moving away from Danville for a new life in California. One of Jared's purposes for returning is to see if he can convince Holly otherwise. Will Holly be amenable?

I really can't say I cared much for this novella. I wanted to and I did like the premise of Jared coming home to make amends - with his family and with Holly.

What made me really dissatisfied with the story is that Jared and Holly's relationship - or at least the re-kindling of it - seems forced. Jared has come back because he is re-evaluating his life and yet still acts like an (in my opinion) arrogant horse's backside towards Holly in an "You had feelings for me, still do, I'll use them for all they are worth to win you over" sort of way. Meanwhile, Holly - who is set on moving to California and starting a new life - constantly acts against her independent character (again, in my opinion) and comes across almost twins of herself - an independent woman and as someone who is willing to give up that independence in submission to her man.

Maybe the story would have worked better for me if it was longer or if there was a longer time frame that allowed for greater plausibility for re-establishing Jared's and Holly's relationship. As it stands, the story just didn't gel for me.

Available for purchase by clicking here.


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