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Blurb: The song Redeemed by the popular Christian group Big Daddy Weave has inspired millions. This collection of 30 devotions by songwriter Mike Weaver focuses on redemption, grace, and the healing power of Christ's love. For fans of Big Daddy Weave who have been touched by Redeemed, this book is more than an impulse purchase; it's a must-read.

Review: The book is very inspirational and well put together. It is especially nice to read through once, then come back to it again and again as needed or wanted.

Really enjoyed reading the timely tips and "Prayer for Today" sections. Quotes from Kay Arthur, Vonette Bright, Franklin Graham, Joyce Meyer, and Zig Ziglar were also sprinkled throughout.

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Blurb: Beth Moore joins her dear friend Travis Cottrell in showing you how to fully experience God’s presence at surprising times and places in your own life.

According to Cottrell, God’s goodness is predictable. His mercy is dependable. His ability to work in every moment of every reader’s life, leading them to him, is unfailing. But often in those moments, even the most devout are distracted by great distress, failing to see or acknowledge God’s presence and provision. Cottrell reminds readers that God is the hope, strength and deliverance we desperately need. In every circumstance, especially those moments when we least expect it, God’s voice can be heard and his presence discerned. He Knows Your Name is a beautiful, 2-color gift book sure to be treasured.

Review: Like The Power of Ordinary Prayer, He Knows Your Name is a wonderful read for a variety of reasons.

What stood out for me is that the authors (in the introduction and in the main portion of the book) used not only examples from Scripture, but from their own lives as well. The message is put forth in such a way that the reader can relate to it and does not sound "preachy", even while putting forth a powerful message nonetheless.

As in The Power of Ordinary Prayer, there were questions at the end of each chapter to make the reader think about each chapter, about themselves, and how they can improve their lives.

The only minor issue I had is that there were a couple grammatical mistakes - at one point the word "would" was used when I think "wound" was intended, but they do not take away from the overall presentation.

Wonderful read.

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Blurb:A touching gift book that helps readers understand the power and beauty of prayer and how it can transform our hearts, so that we can be a catalyst for transformation in others. Many of us seek to be blessed more than we seek to bless others. It’s our heart aligned with the heart of God that brings blessing, because He is by nature extravagantly generous and loves giving gifts. No matter where readers are on their journey with God, they will be motivated and inspired to open their hearts and discover the abundant joy and peace that can be theirs through the power of a simple prayer of blessing.

Review: The Power of Ordinary Prayer is a very moving read about how prayer can affect the way we live our lives.

There are a couple of things that stand out for me about the book. One is that it reads like a conversation between the writer and the reader - I find that to be a gift. Two, the message does not come across as "preachy", but rather as one person trying to bring forth a "here, try this out, could very well improve your outlook" message to another person. Another thing that I really like about the book is the "pauses for contemplation" (at least that is how they come across to me) at the end of each chapter that asks questions of the reader to reiterate the message.

There are one or two more things that stand out about the book for me, but those are the main points. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, regardless of what particular faith he or she might be.

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Stop, Rest, and Think is an interesting read that, for me, should resonate with different readers in different ways. There are pieces of different lengths - either sayings/reflections (Vol. I) or ressays (Vol. II) - and are of either non-fiction (Vols. I and II) or fiction (Vol. III). All of which can be reflected on personal or group (or even wider) levels.

Vol. I (p. 15 of review copy)
"Justice is security - just as injustice invites instability. Truth is strength. And compassion is beauty.

So build your home in life on a secure foundation of justice, with the sturdy walls of truth surrounded by the beautiful gardens of compassion."

Vol. II (p. 91 of review copy)
If peace seems elusive...
Ask: Is there justice?

If there is injustice...
Ask: Is there truth?

If truth is difficult to find...
Ask: Have we asked all the right questions from all angles? Of the right people from all sides (including ourselves)?

Finally Ask: Is there any courage or generosity of spirit to ease the path forward?"

Vol. III (p. 105 of review copy)
The following appear in a text box at the end of the "A Most Unnatural Day" story:
"If you had only known the man you were trying to kill, you would have risked your life, to save his."
Harry Pope, World  War II, Pacific 1944 - Occupied Japan, 1950

"They make a desert and call it peace."
Tacitus, on Roman imperialism

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