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Coastal Magic is a super casual convention and book signing in Daytona Beach, FL. Our goal is to bring authors and readers of urban fantasy, paranormal, and the many facets of romance together for a memorable weekend by the beach.

With panels designed to start interesting discussion, and meet & greets with fun themes, we’ve got something for just about every reader. While there IS a schedule, there is also ample time for authors and their fans to just hang out together, this is what we’re here for! Join us for reader, blogger, and author shenanigans.

Saturday’s charity book sale and signing is open to convention attendees, and also FREE to the public. We’ve got a Featured Author lineup, over 50 amazing storytellers, that showcases not only bestselling favorites, but debut and “new to you” authors that are sure to catch your attention. Come take a bite out of the beach with us!! Feb 22-25, 2018.

Here Are Some Comments From Previous Featured Authors:

“I loved the intimacy of the convention. Not too big, not too small, but still busy busy busy. It's one that every fan of PNR, UF, and Fantasy should come visit.” - Eric R Asher

“This conference HANDS DOWN IS THE BEST! Warm, friendly, atmosphere and a place where readers, writers, and bloggers can get together for great fun!” - Tigris Eden

“It’s fantastic. Intimate and funky in the best way.” “Phenomenal. SO much fun, great biz, and friendly besides. [Coastal Magic] gets better every year.” - Damon Suede

“[Jennifer] promised me Florida beaches in February, enthusiastic readers, and great, organized programming. Wow – did she ever deliver! This is now at the top of my list for favorite reader-organized conventions.” - Jeffe Kennedy

“I’ve been every year, and here’s why: it’s a community. This convention brings together authors, bloggers and readers in such a way that we all get to know each other pretty well. We become a family.” - Lucienne Diver

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Coastal Magic Convention’s raffle benefits one of our local Habitat For Humanity chapters. A portion of sales from books sold through our bookseller (Books-A-Million) will go to Community Partnership For Children.


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