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For September, Lily's Reviews also welcomes author Jessica Scott, who was kind enough to do an interview.

Lily's Reviews: Do you listen to music while writing?
Jessica Scott: Yes, I almost always listen to music when I write. It varies, but I’m most productive when I have a song stuck in my head.

LR: If you could live near any of your characters or within any of the worlds you create, which would it be?
JS: Back in Durham. I loved living there.

LR: Out of all your works, which pairing (only one) would you choose to and why?
I think Noah and Beth are probably my favorite. That is a very personal book to me for a lot of different reasons.

LR: Who is your favorite character to write?
JS: He’s a character from my very first series, but Vic Carponti was always my favorite to write.

LR: What’s your favorite series to write?
JS: I'm enjoying the Falling series very much. It keeps surprising me on where it’s going.

LR: What makes you decide to end a series?
JS: When I lose the joy of working on it and when sales simply don’t support continuing.

LR: What was your job before being a writer? What did you study in college?
JS: I’m a full time Army officer and I have a Ph.D. in sociology.

LR: What made you become a writer?
JS: I needed a place to put all of the stories in my head and to unpack a lot of the stuff from deployment and my time in the Army.

LR: Do the seasons have any influence on what you want to write?
JS: No, but I love reading a good Christmas story.

LR: Who is the most challenging character to write and why?
JS: I think Caleb in a forthcoming book is going to be a real pain to write. Mostly because I didn’t really like him for most of the Falling series, to be honest. But he’s starting to grow on me.

LR: Describe a day in the life of Jessica Scott.
JS: Get the kids off to school, teach most mornings, lunch, email, admin work, home, dinner, put the kids to bed and then hopefully have some time with my husband before we both collapse and do it all again the next day.

LR: Do you compile any playlists while writing a book that is specific to that book?
JS: Sometimes I do but mostly my books end up with 2 or 3 songs that run through my head in various parts of writing each one.

Thank you, Ms. Scott for stopping by Lily's Reviews.
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Lily's Reviews welcomes Mary Calmes to the blog.

Ms. Calmes has written a few words about some of her favorite interactions.

Favorite fan interactions at previous Coastal Magic conventions

Last year at Coastal I was talking to fans who are also friends in between panels and we got onto the subject of Easter eggs and how many I have and Easter eggs versus cameos and how many characters have appeared in other books and it was wonderful. I love talking about my characters so much and hearing theories from others is simply the best thing ever.

Most asked questions versus questions you would like to hear asked more?
I love any and all questions. The ones where fans ask if a certain character did or did not kill someone or if a certain character got what's coming to them, are really fun as are theories about what really motivated a character to do what they did. But questions about reading order or how come Acrobat isn't under the A Matter of Time umbrella are also fun. Really and truly, I love them all. I'm always so thrilled when people care enough to ask me about my work. It's such a gift.

Do you think it would be possible to expand on the following: Easter eggs in terms of writing for those who (like me) may sort of know what it means, but not quite. :)

An Easter egg may be something like simply an appearance in another book or an entire different series. When Kane Morgan from Rhys Ford's Sinners series showed up in the second marshals book, a lot of people were excited. That was a really fun Easter egg because for fans of that series, it was oh so good to see Kane. For people who didn't know who he was, when they asked if I was going to write a book about him, I could send them right there to that series of wonderful books. It's also like Sam Kage being Miro's boss in the marshals. Lots of new fans were like, will there be a book about him and I got to say, there are 5. Also the crossover from book to book like Rand's lawyer in When The Dust Settles is Rick Jenner who met his wife in Jory's books and pops up somewhere in most of those. So it's the progression of characters in different books that people can be surprised and happy to see again.

And, from the second part, what theory or two stands out from those speculated on.

Theories like when Joey Romelli died in Acrobat, was Dreo the one who did in fact kill him? A lot of people were adamant that he did not, but if you read Dreo's dialogue and follow his character arc, you know that to protect Nate and Michael, either of them, he'd do anything. It's the like the guys in the park who hassle everyone, including Nate. Those guys are gone the next time Nate walks by and we're never clear if they'd just moved on of if they're gone, gone. But that one stands out, that Dreo didn't kill Joey Romelli when in fact, he most certainly did. Or like in the second L'Ange book, people were certain that it would be Arman and Tucker, that they had slept together. But that information was from Quade, from Quade's POV, and he thought they'd slept together but he never knew definitively. He's an unreliable narrator about himself and his own merits but also about others. So when that book came out and it was Arman and Linus instead, some people were surprised. But because it's first-person, unless its confirmed by others, it should not be taken as fact. Or when Miro finds out that Rego James killed Carrington Adams. In the AMOT books, we think that Adams brought James in, that he was the one to do that, but he was in fact not. James killed him but we don't learn that until the second marshal book, Fit To Be Tied. Discussing theories is a favorite thing of mine.

Thank you, Ms. Calmes, for stopping by Lily's Reviews!


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