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In honor of Veteran's Day, Lily's Reviews is having a spotlight on the following book:

When Lieutenant Robert Wideman's plane crashed on a bombing run in the Vietnam War, he feared falling into enemy hands. Although he endured the kind of pain that makes people question humanity, physical torture was not his biggest problem. During six years as a prisoner of war, he saw the truth behind Jean-Paul Sartre's words: "Hell is other people." Unexpected Prisoner explores a POW's struggle with enemies and comrades, Vietnamese interrogators and American commanders, his lost dreams and ultimately himself.



up.pngRobert Wideman

Robert Wideman was born in Montreal, grew up in upstate New York, and has dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship. During the Vietnam War, he flew 134 missions for the U.S. Navy and spent six years as a prisoner of war. He earned a master’s degree in finance from the Naval Postgraduate School. After retiring from the Navy, he graduated from the University of Florida College of Law, practiced law in Florida and Mississippi, and became a flight instructor. He holds a commercial pilot’s license with an instrument rating.

He belongs to Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado and lives in Fort Collins near his two sons and six grandchildren.

up.pngCara Lopez Lee

Cara is an author, editor, and writing coach. She has edited and/or collaborated on more than twenty books. Her stories have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Denver Post, Pangyrus, Connotation Press, and Rivet Journal. She was a writer for shows on HGTV, Food Network, and Discovery Health. She teaches for the Young Writers Program at Lighthouse Writers Workshop. Her writing has earned 16 awards from The Denver Woman's Press Club and Alaska Press Club. Lopez lives with her husband in Ventura, California.

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The Courtship of Two Doctors provides the reader with a glimpse into the lives of two people who meet while on a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. It is a glimpse not only into their lives and seeing how a friendship develops and blossoms into love over a distance, it is also a glimpse into a different time in history. The reader sees two people grow closer through correspondence, yes, but the reader also gets a glimpse into how medicine was taught - and practiced - at the time, how it differed between two schools, and how it differs from how it is practiced now (if only for the reader to do the comparison on his or her own).

I really enjoyed reading Courtship because it shows a different era so vividly, made more so - for me at least - because it was shown through the eyes of two average people who pursued a course of study they felt passionate about.

A very lovely read!

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I received the book via Member Giveaways at LibraryThing.

The main "theme" of the book is one woman's journey into exploring alternative ways to cure the Hodgkin's Lymphoma she was diagnosed with.  It is also a journal into the way she dealt with it and her relationships with her husband, family, friends, and co-workers.

I Dreamt of Sausage is a memoir, a journey, and a look into "Why?" (Why the author? Why not have more choices?, etc.). It is funny, sad, poignant, and a glimpse into a person's life.

I think that one of the main points of the book is, once a "verdict" is received, to fight for the right to not take that verdict at face value and to look into other options.

While I do not think that I would make the exact same choices that the author did if I was in the same situation, the book is more about showing the author's process in looking into other options.

What I walked away with from the book - and I hope others will as well - is that if a reader does receive devastating news to look beyond Option A and look into Option B, C, or even D.


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