Jun. 12th, 2017

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Shared from the Coastal Magic Convention site:

So… those of you who are familiar with the #Bookstagram tag on social media will recognize the process here. For each day of the month, one of our Featured Authors or Featured Bloggers will provide a picture that fits the prompt for that day. I’ll be posting their pictures on our Coastal Magic Instagram Account (which shares to our Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr), and each of you who posts your picture, as well, will be entered to win a General Registration! To enter, your picture must:

1.Contain books/book related items

2.Be posted on, and fit the prompt for each day (open to interpretation, so be creative!

3.Include the hashtag #CMCon18JunePics

4.Has to be a picture you’ve taken… not something you find online

Each person will receive one entry for each day they post a qualifying picture. Sharing on multiple platforms is appreciated, but will not earn extra entries.

Winner will be selected at random and notified when General Registration opens on July 1st. Prize is only a free general registration ($90 value); travel and hotel arrangements and payments are the responsibility of the winner.

Text and graphic (c) Coastal Magic Convention.

If there are any questions regarding the contest, please check out the Convention page here. There is a contact page, along with links to Twitter and Facebook pages.


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